December Combined Asset Auction

Sunday December 9th, 2018, 12NOON Central

We will be selling 51+/- firearms, Kawasaki Side by Side, 1,000’s of rounds of ammo, scopes, knives, military items, reloading equipment & supplies & collectible smalls including SaladMaster, beer Advertising & much more!

Began: 12/09/18 at 12:00 PM CST
Location: Parrott Auction Center, 14024 State Route 1, Lawrenceville, IL 62439


Sunday December 9th, 2018 12NOON Central

Held inside the ALL NEW Parrott Auction Center

4 Heating & Air Zones to Keep you Comfortable. Seating Available!

3 Mi. North of Lawrenceville, IL on IL RT. 1

Signs will be posted. Under our tents if needed.

Latitude: 39.002901 Longitude: -87.620423


!~ Ring 1 12NOON Military Collectibles 12NOON Ring 1 ~!

Identical Issue Number Vietnam era accessories Including Ontario Knive Co. (U.S.) machete w/ sheath, Entrenching tool, Steel canteen, Sound reduction ear muffs & U.S.M 8A1 bayonet; Vietnam survival parachute pack, complete; Standard Pilot Issue 7pc. Signal kit, complete; Marked CS Confederate States cavalry sword; Winchester & Homart alum. bullet flashlights; US leather holster;


!~ Ring 1 12:15 Firearms, Scopes & Kawasaki Teryx Side By Side 12:15 Ring 1 ~!

1) Limited Edition Ruger 77-22, bolt action .22Mag, being sold with 1 Factory 9 shot magazine, full length American Walnut Mannlicher stock, S# 703-78181;

1B) Ruger 9 shot rotary .22Mag magazine;

2) Ruger M77 MK II Ultra Light, chambered in .257 Roberts, S# 792-44033;

3) Ruger M77 RS, chambered in .243, S# 77-16193;

4) Ruger M77 MKII, chambered in 7mm Win Mag, Left Handed, Stainless Steel, Laminate wood stock, S# 786-93118;

5) Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle, 5.56 NATO, S# 583-17933;

6) Marlin 336 lever action rifle, chambered in 30-30, S#06064975;

7) Marlin 336 lever action rifle, chambered in 30-30 S# 21141287;

8) Marlin 1895, chambered in 45-70, S# 05010843;

9) Marlin 1895M, chambered in 450 Marlin, S#00055622;

10) Stevens Model 39A .410 shotgun;

11) Remington 870 Wingmaster, 20ga, (made 1957) S# 565037X;

12) Remington 870 Wingmaster, 16ga, (made 1956) S#502382W;

13) Ruger Mark 2, MKII Government Target Model, 6 7/8” barrel, .22LR, being sold with 2 Ruger magazines, S#210-22528 s;

14) Ruger SR 1911, .45ACP, Stainless Steel, being sold with 2 magazines, Ruger Lock & soft case, S#671-18604;

14B) 2 Factory Ruger SR 1911 Magazines, 45ACP;

15) Ruger New Model Single Six, Stainless Steel, .22LR cylinder, also .22Mag cylinder, S#264-72191;

16) Rock Island M 1911 A1-FS 9mm S#R1A1959602;

17) Leupold VX3 3.5 X 10 X 40;

18) Leupold VX3 3.5 X 10 X 40;

19) Leupold VX1 4 X 12 X 40;

20) Leupold M8 6 X 36;

21) Burris Full Field 12X40 w/ adjustable optic;

22) Tasco 4×32;

23) GSG FireFly .22LR S# F378266 being sold with one magazine, Desert Tan, 4in barrel;

24) Kel-Tec PF-9, 9mm Luger S# NF96 being sold with 2 mags;

25) American Tactical Omni Hybrid Maxx Limited, AR-15, Multical, chambered in 5.56Nato, 1 in 8 twist barrel, being sold w/ multi power scope & 1 military style issue 30 round magazine, S# NS082853;

26) Vanguard by Weatherby .22-250, being sold with Smmons 3-9 x 40 scope (not attached), S# VS258487;

27) Weatherby Mark XXII .22LR, semi auto with single shot select-able, tube feed, S#T13768;

28) Eagle Arms .270WIN, with Bushnell Custom M 3-9 power variable scope, S#8M3730;

29) Stevens Model 620, 12GA scatter shotgun, 2 3/4in chamber;

30) Ruger 22 Charger pistol, Laminate wood stock, being sold with 1 Ruger 10 round rotary mag and padded case, S# 490-26379;

31) Ruger 2245 Mark III Target Model, being sold with Ruger Hard Shell Case Two magazines, S# 22892702;

32) Colt M1911, Government Model 0, Blued Finish, 5in barrel, .45 ACP, Model of 1911 U.S. Army, being sold with 2 mags, booklet, presentation box, S#4261WMK;

33) Heritage Rough Rider revolver, Stainless Steel, laminate wood grips, .22LR cylinder, also .22Mag cylinder, S#F99246;

34) Armscor .38 Special revolver, S#AP210374;

35) Kel-Tec Model PF9, 9mm Luger, being sold with 1 magazine, S# RNF66;

36) Kel-Tec P11, 9MM Luger, 2 tone, being sold with 1 magazine S#ANJ46;

37) Kel-Tec P11, 9MM Luger,being sold with 1 magazine, S#ANJ42;

38) Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special revolver, S# 10-01512;

39) Cobra Model C22LR, derringer style, .22LR, S#047076;

40) Charter Arms “Pathfinder” revolver, .22Mag, 6 shot, S# 48797;

41) New England Firearms Model R73 revolver, .32HR Mag, S# NE009632;

42) Taurus “Tracker” revolver, .22LR, 9 shot, 6.5” barrel, S#BY722321;

43) Taurus “Raging Bull” revolver, .44Mag, Stainless Steel, 8 3/8in barrel, S#AX557097;

44) Taurus “Tracker” revolver, Stainless Steel, .22LR, 9 shot, 4in barrel, S# BV680398;

45) Phoenix Arms Model HP22A, .22LR, being sold with 1 magazine, S# 4323569;

46) Hi-Point Model JHP, .45ACP, being sold with 1 magazine, S# X44374;

47) Hi-Point Model CF380, .38ACP, being sold with 1 magazine, S# P8019239;

48) Romanian AK-47, chambered in 7.62×39, being sold with bayonet, 1 mag;

49) Winchester Model 90, .22LR, tube feed, pump action, octagon barrel S#401308A;

50) SPM-410 S#9004678 Double Barreled Shotgun black powder;

51) J.C. Higgins/Sears Roebuck & Co. Model 583.23, 12GA, bolt action shotgun, 2 3/4in Chamber, modified choke, missing magazine;

52) 2014 Kawasaki Teryx 800 LE Side By Side, 1 owner, purchased new at Sparks & Sons in Oblong, 2,031 hours, clear title in hand, 800cc fuel injected, electric power steering, half doors, full tilt out windshield, factory LED headlights, front brush guard, factory premium wheels, roof,tilt dump bed w/ locking tail gate, lidded storage/coolers, select-able 2WD, 4WD or or 4WD Locking Differential, Fox Podium Shocks, Viper 4500lb winch w/ synthetic rope, winch control inside cab as well as plug in remote & snatch block, also being sold 2 bottles of Kawasaki oil & new filter, VIN# JKBRFCC17EB500380, Title will be sent to buyer once funds have cleared bank;


53) Ford 8N Tractor


54) 6′ 3 point finish mower

55) Kingston tandem axle 2 horse trailer, rear ramp door, approc 5′ x 13′


56) heavy duty log splitter


Firearm Terms in Conjunction with our Standard Terms: Wilson Sporting Goods, Robinson, IL, Telephone 618-544-3700 will handle all applicable transactions. All firearm rules & regulations will be properly followed. Wilson Sporting Goods will charge $15 per person to handle transfer, regardless if they buy 1 gun or 5. Please Note: this is not PER Gun transfer fee, $15 PER PERSON. Wilson Sporting Goods, 9437 E.900th Ave, Robinson, IL 62454. Tel: 618-544-3700.

!~ 7,400+/- Rounds of Ammo ~!

80+/- rounds of 7MM Remington Magnum; 130+/- Rounds of .243WIN; 60 Rounds of Hornady 450 Marlin; 60+/- Rounds Winchester 30-06 SPRG; 200+/- Rounds 30-30 WIN; 350 Rounds of .45 ACP; 100 +/- 9MM rounds; 100+/- Rounds .38 Special; 1000+/- Rounds of various brand .22LR; 550+/- Rounds of .22Short; 1800+/- Winchester .22 LR; 900 +/- Rounds of .22Mag/WMR; 60+/- rounds of 45-70 GVT; 160 +/- .257 Roberts; 300+/- 16GA Shells various loads and brands; 475+/- 20GA Shells various loads and brands; 550 +/- rounds of 5.56 X 45mm; 40 round of .22-250; 40 rounds of .270 WIN Mag; 440 rounds of PMC 7.62;

!~ Reloading Equipment & Supplies ~!

Hornady Cam-Lock Trimmer; RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press like new in box; Hornady EL case tumbler like new in box; various Tumbler Media; Hornady 450 Marlin reload 3 die set like new; Hornady 30-06 reloading set new in box; Hornady .243 WIN 2 die reloading set New in Box; Lee 30-30 WIN like new reloading set like new; Lee 45/70 government reloading set like new; Lee .257 Roberts reloading set like new; Lee 7MM Remington Magnum reloading set; Hornady shell holder No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 14 & 28; Midway Impact bullet puller; 150 new Hornady .45 bullets; 400 rounds New Hornady 7mm bullets; 100 rounds of New Hornady .30cal bullets; 200 rounds of Winchester .30cal Bullets; 200 Rounds of New Hornady 6mm bullets; 100 rounds of new Hornady 25cal bullets; 200 rounds of new Sierra 25cal bullets; (5) 50 rounds bags of 243 Winchester unprimed cases; (2) 50 round bags of 45-70 Gov Winchester unprimed cases; (1) 50 round box of new unprimed cases; (3) 50 round boxes of 30-06 unprimed cases; 200 rounds of used brass; (4) 1lb containers of IMR 4831 smokeless powder; (3) 1lb containers of IMR 4227 smokeless powder; (4) 1lb containers of IMR 4350 smokeless powder; (3) 1lb containers of IMR 3031 smokeless powder; Winchester standard load rifle primers; Winchester Magnum load rifle primers; bore snakes, patches and solvents; other reloading accessories; Hornady, Lyman and other misc. reloading books;

!~ Misc. Firearm & Knife Items ~!

2 Hoppe’s clay pigeon thrower/ launchers; Box of clay pigeons; 2 pc bench rest shooting bags; Buck 119 Special w/ Sheath & box; Buck 105 w/ Sheath; Buck 103 Skinning Knife w/ Sheath; 5 metal military ammo boxes; 5 plastic ammo boxes; 7+/- leather gun slings; Bianchi Phantom leather shoulder holster; Bianchi Model 19L leather holster, like new in box; Galco leather holster fits Riger 357 Blackhawk 6.5” barrel, mostly likely will fit others; Rocky Mountain folding shell carrier; Misc. gun socks; 12+/- duck decoys; Sharps Cutlery 4 Stainless steel knives; Leather belts;

!~ Clothing/Outdoor gear ~!

New with tags Real Tree Hardwoods backpack w/ hydration system; Cabela’s size M jacket w/ orange flare w/ size 34 Regular pants w/ bush guard; L.L. Bean Gore-tex canvas hat; Like new Carhartt button on hood w/ faux fur; Wall’s size Large Advantage Timber insulated coveralls w/ detachable hood; (2) like new Cabela’s game vests, size M w/ orange flare shoulders; Like new Cabela’s all orange flare vest; Like new orange Camo game vest; 6+/- Like New Cabela’s size M left shoulder padded shooting shirts; Misc. flare orange hats; Wolverine camo vest; Bullseye Bill camo shirt; Surplus Army camo shirt & pants; 10X Brand size large insulated shirt; (2) pairs of Guide Gear Size 9EE, 11 eye w/ speed lace boots; Rodeo King 7 1/8” Beaver Quality hat w/ box; TSC Store Bangora 7 1/8” hat;

!~ Ring 2 12NOON Collectible Smalls 12NOON Ring 2~!

Extra nice condition & working order Victrola, one of the nicest we have sold for years; Bud “King of Beers” tin wall clock; Sterling Beer Adv. Featuring Lincoln High School at the 1968 Kentucky Derby; Newport Cigarette collectibles including Newport clock, Newport light up, several Newport tin signs, 2 Newport vinyl banners, Newport Large promo t-shirts, Newport ashtray; Beech-Nut “A Great Chew” small porcelain sign; Several Beech-Nut reproduction signs; Kent Cigarette reproduction signs; Old Gold plastic wall clock; 4 extra nice cast iron skillets including 3 Griswold; 8+/- pieces of Salad Master cookware; Several pieces of graniteware; Several hand painted wooden duck decoys; Bakelite radios; Several mantle clocks; Washboard; Montgomery Ward runner sled; 2 galvanized water cans no spouts; Metal school bus STOP arm; Dairy Clipper wooden nickels; Lawrenceville High School State Champs posters; 1922 yard long styled 3 framed photos of Good Sam Hospital, 2 exterior views & 1 operating Room; framed Klemeyer nail apron; flamingo vases & figurines; extra nice gilded wooden frame w/ 2 young women; Deer skull with rack; Double steer horn set; 2 Western red handled cap guns; 150+/- vintage comic books; pair of Cast iron horse banks; Several cast iron cars; Cast iron motorcycle w/ side car; extra nice Perfecto by Schott leather motorcycle jacket in good condition;

!~ Ring 3 12NOON Modern Household & Tools, Lawn & Garden 12NOON Ring 3~!

GE white microwave clean condition; Sunbeam stand mixer; Frigidaire window ac unit; Plush bears on stands; Load of picture frames; Automotive oils and lubes; Hardware; Toys and children’s games; Cook books; Fullmer large MX helmet; Thor youth MX chest protector; Fox MX pants; Transformer toys;

!~ Collectible & Modern Furniture ~!

!~ Will be Sold Immediately following Collectible Smalls ~!

Collectible & Modern Furniture: Dixie 4 piece cherry bedroom suite; Olive green double reclining sofa; Drop leaf table w/ 4 chairs; several dressers and chest of drawers; Large rocker; Metal utility cart; Terms: Cash, Check, Visa & MasterCard. 10% Buyer’s Premium on all items sold.

Various Local Consignors – Seller




Online Terms and Conditions:


Registration: All buyers must provide all information needed to register including valid credit card number. Please Note: the address on the registration must match the mailing address on file with your credit card company.

Payment: Credit Cards used to register for the auction will be charged immediately at the completion of the auction. If buyers chooses to pay cash or check on pickup, that is acceptable.

Removal / Load Out: An appointment with a Parrott Auction Crew Member/representative will need to be scheduled. No designated times set.

Firearms & Ammo: Wilson Sporting Goods, Robinson, IL, Telephone 618-544-3700 will handle all applicable transactions. All firearm rules & regulations will be properly followed. Wilson Sporting Goods will charge $15 per person to handle transfer, regardless if they buy 1 gun or 5. Please Note: this is not PER Gun transfer fee, $15 PER PERSON. Please Note: Your Local FFL that you have the gun shipped to may charge a fee as well, please have FFL of your choice ready for the Wilson’s to expedite the shipping process. All shipments will go through Wilson Sporting Goods.


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