Advantages using SELLAFARM

We began using our computer driven multi parcel system in 1995. Since that time, we  have sold thousands of acres of farmland, timberland, and recreational land for sellers from Canada  to Florida to buyers from Vermont to Washington State.

Level of Service:
We are with you every step of the way, from our initial meeting all the way  through the closing. SELLAFARM is able to provide this because are Licensed Real Estate Brokers and  Licensed Auctioneers.

Our staff, equipped with laptop computers, will come to your local courthouse, go thru  all of the tax records for the sole purpose of building a direct mailing list with pinpoint  accuracy for the promotion of your auction. Mailers are then sent to all residential landowners,  you’re most likely buyer, for your exceptional local coverage.

Since 2003, we have offered a complete professional service to our sellers at  ZERO COMMISSION with the implementation of a Buyer’s Premium.

  • We provide the very latest technology in multi-parcel auction marketing from computer hardware and  software to projection.
  • We provide aerial flight service and photography to be used especially on our web presentations and pre-auction presentations.
  • We start by viewing your farm on the ground & by air, gathering information to determine the various tract division possibilities.
  • Upon determination of the most logical divisions your promotions begins. Offering the property in  smaller tracts allows bidding on single tracts, any combinations of tracts, or the property in a  whole. This creates more competitive bidding activity with positive results.
  • Your informational mailer will also be sent directly to past bidders, buyers, and other interested  parties, such as financial institutions and estate and tax planners for the purpose of 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange possibilities.
  • Timberland- Brochures sent to all registered timber buyers in your state plus adjoining states.
  • Your auction information will be publicized in print publications such as AgriNews, FarmWeek, and  FarmWorld giving exceptional regional coverage.
  • Your auction will receive national and worldwide exposure on the SELLAFARM.COM website, plus links to other specialty sites.
  • Flyover aerials, FSA aerial photographs, FSA information including: Bases, Yields, Payments and CRP  or WRP program contract details.
  • Photographs of buildings and measurements.
  • Real Estate Tax Information
  • Complete Terms and Conditions pertaining to your Auction.

Other Services included at ZERO cost:

  • Complete staff on sale day, registration, computer operator, bid assistants. Flagging & posting of  proposed tract boundaries.
  • Installation of signage & brochures on nearest main thoroughfare.
  • Installation and maintenance of signs & brochures onsite. Arrangement & rental cost of Auction site.
  • Bidder packets for registered bidders, including color aerial photos, copies of the contract, & other informational items.
  • Back-up bidder forms when applicable. Refreshments day of the sale.

When its time to sell, It’s time to call SELLAFARM.
Nationwide toll free: 800-294-5738
Phone: (618) 943-4905

Sequence of Auction Day

  • At the beginning of the auction, ALL terms and conditions are reviewed and questions are answered.
  • The bidding process begins by placing bids on each tract and being digitally projected onto a large video screening for all to view.
  • At that time, bids are taken for single tracts, any combinations of tracts, or the property in a whole. Bidding is continuous and simultaneous with all winning bids being posted for that point in time. Each combination change is recorded on a tracking printer. The entire auction is digitally recorded for future reference if necessary.
  • Confirmation of bid acceptance by seller is announced.
  • When bidding slows, a timer is put into place. If there are no other bids placed or if there are no  other bid inquiries within the specified amount of time the auction is concluded.
  • Contracts are signed by both the Buyer and the Seller. Non-refundable escrow checks, normally 10% of the final selling price are placed into our escrow account until closing.
  • Contracts are forwarded immediately to abstract/title company to prepare for closing on all tracts not requiring a survey.
  • If there is a need for a survey, the buyer engages services, then we meet with and provide the survey company with all pertinent information.
  • Upon completion of title examination and any legal aspects the closing date arrives.
  • Under most circumstances we receive copies of the closing statement provided by the closing agent to review with both the buyer and the seller prior to closing.
  • We are able to close many transactions for absentee landowners for their convenience when needed.

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