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Transfer House DECATUR IL collector's plate
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Transfer House DECATUR IL collector's plate
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Bidding has started and runs to 6 PM Tuesday, November 29th.



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Removal / Load Out: Parrott Auction Crew Members/representatives will be the auction location of 405 W. Parker, Robinson, IL 62454, to administer Load Out on Thursday, December 1st, 2NOON – 6 PM Central, (the “Removal Dates”).  Failure to Pickup: If buyer(s) fail to attend the scheduled pick and notified us of their preference to pay cash, we will automatically charge the card on file immediately following the scheduled pickup time, no exceptions.

No Goods shall be removed until the purchaser’s invoice has been paid in full.

Please Use the Online Scheduler! This increases the efficiency of auction load out and decreases the amount of time you’ll spend loading your items!

Online Schedule Instructions: The morning after the auction closes we will send a load out scheduler to all the winning bidders. This scheduler system will supply any remaining time slots to the winning bidders. Scheduling can completed by text message and email both to allow for ultimate flexible to you, the buyer. If you do not choose a time slot, load outs will be on a first come, first served basis and you will be asked to wait until an auction crew member can assist the load out process.

This will increase efficiency and decrease your time spent at the auction pickup!

If you do Not Schedule a Time Slot, Pickup will be on a first come, first served basis.

We ask all other to be understanding and everyone will be completed in order.

Last Chance Grace Period / Fee: If items are not picked up during that time-frame, immediately following the last pickup day, we will automatically charge your credit card on file a cost of $25. For all other items that remain after 3 days from scheduled pickup that are not claimed by Friday, May 13th, the buyer will forfeit the rights to said items and will become the property of the auction company. This $25 fee covers the additional cost of labor, scheduling conflicts and fuel incurred to met during the 3 day “last chance” window. This fee will not be waived for any reason. 

This non-pickup policy strictly be enforced as non-removal of items is becoming an issue.

If you are unavailable during this scheduled pickup, a family member, close friend or co-worker can pick the items up for you if we are notified prior.

!~ Online Only Auction ~!

We are proud to offer the Estate of Joseph Lawrence Trimmer! Highlights include: Macon County, Illinois collectibles, Decatur, IL collectibles including but not limited to yearbooks, plat maps / atlas maps, State Championship Pendant & more, large pop bottle collection, Silver Coins, St. Louis Cardinal memorabilia, electronics, collectible and modern furniture, tools, lawn & garden items and much more, all being sold via the Online Only Auction Method of Marketing!



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Bidding has started and runs to 6 PM Tuesday, November 29th.